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The Brendan & jsm Project will be an established non-profit to help those struggling with addiction, their friends and family members. Often challenges we face seem insurmountable. It doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we can help, inspire, support, guide, and ultimately remove the stigma surrounding addiction. We do it one day at a time, together.



-for artists, actors, dancers, singers, writers and musicians suffering from alcoholism and addiction


Our son Brendan struggled with addition and alcoholism half his life before he lost the battle on February 21, 2019 - he relapsed, over-dosed and died.  And, as is usual with alcoholics and addicts, he died alone.  This website is dedicated to his memory and is here to help other artists to get sober and live normal lives.  


I am Brendan's dad, a recovering alcoholic who got sober 25 years ago just before my 50th birthday. The reason I got sober is that I couldn't stand the thought of living another 50 years drinking and drugging, and I couldn't stand myself.  Over the last years I have attended thousands of AA meetings in many different towns, states and countries, and I spent 10 years doing after-hours phone duty for my local AA office.  The phone calls were from people who wanted to stop drinking or using, or from family members trying to save their loved ones from destroying their lives, staying out of jails or hospitals or psych wards.


If you need help, let me know.  We have money that was donated after Brendan's passing to help other artists get sober.  If you want to go to rehabilitation or a treatment facility, but don't have enough money to afford it, we can help. 


Send an email describing who you are and what you are doing to battle addiction and alcoholism, and I will see what we can do to help you. All correspondence will be confidential.



We want to hear about how addiction has touched your life and how we can help. Those with communities around them are less likely to relapse. Be the community.

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